Wednesday, November 2, 2022

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Rocks and Minerals Observation Station Freebie Weathering & Erosion”

by Down Under Teacher
1st - 4th Grade

Engage your students during a rocks and minerals or weathering and erosion unit with a hands-on Rocks Observation Station.

An Observation Station is quick and easy to set up and costs nothing if you can find some rocks for the kids to look at - or set them the task of collecting them for you! Add some magnifying glasses and rocks and minerals themed books and your station is ready to go.

This freebie includes two pages.

1. A slide to add to SeeSaw or similar app for students to take photos of rocks and record the characteristics of them in order to make an informed guess about the type of rock it is. I use this page when introducing the 3 types of rocks (igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary) to my class during a lesson.

2. A printable version to add to your Observation Station so students can repeat the same experience with different rocks at other times during the unit. My kids loved to visit ours as a Fast Finisher activity!

I hope you have fun setting up an Observation Station :)

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