Monday, August 23, 2021

Precalculus: Tests on Polynomial Functions


1. Two Test - Test (form A), Test (Form B) with detailed solution to both test

Content covered:

  • Given a polynomial function, find the roots of the polynomial equation P(x) = 0
  • Given a polynomial function, find the value of P(a) using synthetic division.
  • Given a polynomial P(x) in degree 3, find P(x) divided by x - a. Write the answer in the form of Quotient + (remainder/divisor). Use synthetic division or long division.
  • Sketch a polynomial function P(x). Find the x-intercepts, y-intercept. Use the Rational Root Theorem, Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem to find the roots of P(x) = 0 (x-intercept of the graph)
  • Word problems: From the given word problems, write the quadratic function and cubic function and answer the given questions.

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