Monday, May 24, 2021

May 2021 Teacher Talk

 Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

It's May already, time sure flies.   Time to stop by and see what our teaching friends are doing during the school closures. This is the last link-up for this school year. We'll see you again in August.

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Rejoice! It's the End of the School Year

We’re so eager for summer, we sometimes forget about all the things we have to do for the last few weeks of school, one of which is celebrating a successful year with our students.  For those of you who didn’t have a great year, it’s time for you to rejoice, you never have to see this group of kids again, at least not in your classroom. So sit back, have a Margarita, or something else you love and breathe a sigh of relief.


Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month

Did you know there are 23 million Asian Americans and 1.6 million Pacific Islanders living in the United States? Did you ever learn about the contributions of Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders (AAPI) while you were in school? With Asian hate crimes on the rise and anti-Asian sentiment in the news, this was the perfect time to learn all about the many contributions of AAPI.


Narrative Nonfiction Brings History to Life

Ideas for using archaeology as a doorway to reading and writing narrative nonfiction.


Advance Preparation for a Substitute Is a Must

Emergency lesson plans are a must and give you peace of mind.

A Summer Nightmare

A more devastating movie plot for education could not be imagined—student educational loss compounded exponentially in years of COVID. Plus, of course, the emotional losses. For some children, few, if any, reading skills were learned or practiced…in more than an entire year. So the setback will grow and grow and grow GIGANTC as…


It Depends on the Angle - How to Distinguish Between Complimentary and Supplementary Angles

My students always have difficulty distinguishing complimentary from supplementary angles. Since most of my students are visual learners, I had to come up with something that would help them to distinguish between the two.


Summer Fun for Everyone - 5 Ways to Make this Summer Special

This year, summer takes on a whole new meaning - fewer COVID restrictions and plenty of opportunity to join others for some good old fashioned fun! Check out these ways to increase family summer fun.


Uplifting Native Literature: Picture Books by Indigenous Voices

Tuesday Uplifting native literature: picture books by Indigenous voices Uplifting native literature: picture books by Indigenous voices Indigenous literature matters! We need to hear the native voices and let kids see themselves represented in literature.


Renee Heiss - Teacher Talk's Featured Author

Renee Heiss of "All-American Teacher Tools" is Teacher Talk's Featured Author. Renee enjoys giving half of her TpT earnings to teachers who have requested much-needed materials at Donor's Choose. Your students will have fun with her free lessons, "STEM Daily Discussion Starters, Journal Prompts, and Fillers - September."


How to Survive and Thrive During the Last Month of School

Learn three easy tips to help you survive and thrive during the last few weeks of school


How Will You Remember this School Year?

Tips to remember and celebrate the 2020-21 School year with your students.


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