Monday, October 19, 2020

October 2020 Teacher Talk

 Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

It's October Teacher Talk Time.....Well, the first month of school is over and it's BOO-tober, time for Halloween fun, Columbus Day, Stop Bullying Month and beautiful fall weather. We have so many great tips and ideas for you from awesome educators. Be sure to take a look at what everyone has to say.

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Searching for Our Future Selves

Adding futuristic thinking to your reading and writing practice.


A Peek Into Learning

For all the grumbling about distance learning (and there is a lot of grumbling!), there are also some perks! I have a love-hate relationship with classroom bulletin boards. They are such a pain to put up, then you have to change them frequently and other than during Open House, no one actually looks at them! Anyone else?


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

For my teacher friends who are torn about going back to school physically, or teaching using a hybrid model, these times are challenging.  If you are someone who HAS to go into your classroom, you are literally risking your life and possibly those around you. You probably stay up many nights tossing and turning over what you should do.  While those of you who teach through distance learning have to acquire new skills, and let’s face it, not all of us are tech savvy. It’s hard enough doing what you all love to do but Covid19 is making it difficult if not impossible for you. So how do you function when feeling emotionally drained and stressed out. In some of my other posts, I’ve mentioned Qigong as a way to relieve stress, there are also homeopathic remedies that may help. 


Using Glyphs to Gather Information, Interpret Data and Follow Directions

A glyph is a non-standard way of graphing information to tell a story. It is a flexible data representation tool that uses symbols to represent different data. Glyphs are an innovative instrument that shows several pieces of data at once and necessitates a legend or a key to understand the glyph. They require problem solving, communication, and data organization.


Boo! Meow! Eek!Woo! Ha-Ha- Haaaa!

Reading poetry helps students improve fluency because the natural rhythm of most poems enhances ease of expression. Adding sound effects to group or individual Halloween readings incorporates pleasure into reading aloud, often a difficult task for beginning and struggling readers. Read this post to find out how to throw in even more levity.


Tips for Knowing When to Use Who, That, and Which

Choosing between the the relative pronouns who, that, and which is an important decision. Using the correct word will help you say what you mean and get your point across successfully.


3-Easy Tips for Making Grammar Fun

Learn 3 easy tips for adding fun to your grammar instruction and increase student learning and engagement.


Teacher Self Care During Distance Learning

Tips to take care of yourself during distance learning.


Coding with the Littles

Have you done coding with your littles? I'm currently doing Scratch Jr. with my Kindergartners and they are loving it. What is Scratch Jr.? It's a programming language that lets kids ages 5-7 create stories and games. Kids use blocks to create the code.

Be sure to check out the block posts from all of our members.

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