Saturday, October 24, 2020

Geometry Lesson Plans - Bundled Products

Geometry Lesson Plans - Bundled Products

The Geometry Bundle includes ALL Geometry products (Including Google Drive Access Products)


1. Medians and Centroid of a Triangle

2. Arc Length, Area of a Sector, Segment and Shaded Region

3. Angles in Circles

4. Geometric Means and Similarity in Right Triangles

5. Areas of Regular Polygons

6. Chord-Chord Theorem, Secant Secant Theorem, Secant Tangent Theorem

7. Similar Polygons

8. Angles of elevation and depression - Right Triangle Trigonometry

9. Volumes, Lateral Surface Areas of Solids

10. Triangle Congruence - Two column proofs (WebQuest)

11. Parallelograms in Geometry

12. Rectangles, Rhombuses and Squares in Geometry

13. Trapezoids in Geometry

14. Kites in Geometry

Note: The Free Geometry Products are also included in the Bundle

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