Sunday, January 26, 2020

Granted, not all subs are created equal.  Some just want to sit and watch students complete mindless dittos all day long.  Others, like I was before I got my full-time position, enjoyed a challenge.  Here is how I broke the boredom for both me and my temporary students.

Rules for "Stump the Sub"

1. Let's suppose that the students were assigned Chapter 5 of their social studies book to read, then answer the questions at the end of the chapter.  Now, I'm not faulting the primary teacher here - he or she is just trying to make an easy sub plan.  So, for argument's sake, we're going with the assigned chapter.

2. The sub explains the assignment rules, then tells the students they have 15 minutes to read the chapter.  During that same period of time, the sub will also be reading the same chapter.

3. At the end of 15 minutes, the sub closes the textbook, but the students keep theirs open for reference.

4. Put a score chart on the board - Sub on one side; Students on the other.

5. For the next 15 minutes, students (using any common, random method for choosing a student) will pose a content question to the sub.  Remind them that questions are content only - Before I made this rule, I would get questions like, "What is the third word on page 45? 😊

6. If the sub can answer the question, put one point on the sub side.  If the sub is stumped, put one point on the student side.

7. At the end of 15 minutes (set a timer, if possible) see which team wins.  Feel free to award a simple prize, like stickers to all the students if they won the competition.

8. The last 10-15 minutes of class is spent quietly answering the questions or worksheet provided by the teacher.  I can pretty much guarantee that this assignment will now be a romp in the park!  And the sub will have complete control over the entire class period!

Note: This also works well at home for homework.  Play "Stump the Parent" and see who wins the family bragging rights!

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