Wednesday, January 22, 2020

FREE MATH LESSON - “Mental Math Task Cards FREE”

by Rachel Lynette
3rd - 5th Grade

Mental math is a great way for kids to stretch their brains by solving math problems without pencils, paper, or calculators. Here are 12 engaging task cards (plus 3 challenge cards) for plenty of mental math practice! Student response sheet and answer key also included.
There are a few ways to use these cards:
-Teacher Led:
The teacher or a student leader reads a card out loud, line by line, giving time for students to mentally calculate each new step. Students then show their answers either with their fingers or by writing on individual white boards or tablets. This makes it easy for the teacher to quickly assess student answers. Alternatively, students could use one of the provided student answer sheets and the class could correct together, or if being used as an assessment, turn in for grading.
- In Pairs:
Students take turns reading cards to each other. If you want students to record their answers, you could use one answer sheet and have one student do the odds and the other do the evens.
- Individually:
Students work with each card on their own, recording answers on one of the provided answer sheets.
You could also use for Scoot, Quiz, Quiz Trade, or other games.
Copyright information:
Purchasing this product grants permission for use by one teacher in his or her own classroom. If you intend to share with others, please purchase an additional license.
Happy Teaching!
Rachel Lynette

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