Wednesday, June 6, 2018


A Lesson Presentation that presents Teaching Resources in Proofreading. This presentation presents perfect teaching resources that will help the teachers to walk into the classroom with ready to teach confidence as it covers all that a teacher and a student need for a Proofreading Lesson. 

This Presentation Includes:
1. Well Formulated, Measurable, SMART Objectives and Outcomes
2. Vocabulary Overview - Proofreading
3. Flipped Lesson Part - Videos - Proofreading and Proofreading Marks
4. Engaging and Creative Lesson Starter – Guess the WALT
5. Success Criteria - Proofreading Checklist
6. Collaborative Group Task – Think-Write-Share
7. Scaffolder Notes - Proofreading Symbols, Tips, SWAPS Guide
8. Mini-Plenary with Critical Thinking Questions – 3 Quizzes on Proofreading
9. Assessment Criteria for Outcome Expectations - Rubrics
10. Differentiated Activities for Level Learners - Task by Outcome
11. Extensions to Challenge the High Achievers - Exercise
12. Plenary to Assess Learning Outcomes - Online Quizzes
13. Home Learning for Reinforcement - 3 Exercises
14. Common Core Standards - ELA-LITERACY.W.6-8.5/L.6-8.1-3
15. Skills to be addressed during the Lesson - Social and Cognitive

Teachers can use this presentation to give a complete knowledge and understanding of Proofreading to the learners, thereby helping them to enhance their writing and language skills.

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