Thursday, March 2, 2017

Analyze an Author's Argument with Atticus Finch's Closing Arguments

Teach BeTween the Lines
Grades 9-12

Teach students how to analyze an author’s arguments with Atticus Finch’s Closing Arguments! 

Analyzing an author’s arguments can be challenging for students; however, this step-by-step method will make this skill clear and easy while creating an in-depth analysis! Everything to teach rhetoric, logical fallacies is included. Show your students how to analyze the rhetoric/fallacies/message/language of any author’s arguments through this iconic passage from To
Kill a Mockingbird. 

- PowerPoint and Google Presentation on rhetoric and logical fallacies
-PowerPoint Presentation and Google Presentation to introduce this step-by-step method
-Close reading passage of Atticus Finch’s closing arguments
- Analyzing rhetoric graphic organizer 
- Reader response questions to further depth of analysis
- Separate logical fallacies PowerPoint and Google Presentation
- Separate Rhetoric PowerPoint and Google Presentation
- Note taking documents for both logical fallacies and rhetoric lessons
- Lesson plans
- Lesson plans on teaching close reading strategies with this closing argument
- Google Apps Links to Google Presentations and Organizer Google Documents
- Student sample analysis

CCSS Aligned!

No prep plans! 

Great test prep! 

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