Friday, September 2, 2016

CVC: Spelling Fun

It's no secret - we all know how hard it is to motivate students to work on their spelling - it's just something they don't find fun!! So, we have to try and find a way to make it fun and engaging to motivate our students to help them with their spelling.

Spelling was something that always came pretty natural to me as a kid, i'm not sure if it was through my parents working with me at home or just that I loved spelling, to be honest I loved most things to do with English/Literacy, my mum was constantly buying me new books to read as I would finish them too quickly, I had a love for books and I think it's from there that my spelling came.

I don't remember overly enjoying spelling in School - nothing stands out in the way that I was taught so I'm not really sure what made me first get into it. But, through working with our students I watch them struggle so much with spelling and what makes it worse is that I watch them lose confidence and interest in spelling, so I wanted to find a way that would be fun for them, so I created these letter spelling boards - they're a little different to the normal spelling boards I make, these ones are very physical and interactive, it's a great way to use those magnetic letters that you have lying around in your classroom - face it, everyone has those magnetic letters!

There is enough room on the bottom of each card for students to spell the CVC image that they see on the task card. It's also a great way to promote letter recognition with your students. 

CVC words are so important for students and this is a great way for your students to practice their CVC words and spelling in one! 

You can either have these set up as a planned session or have them laid out on group tables, they'd also be great for early finishers who are looking for something else to do!

I really do recommend laminating these so that they will be stronger and longer lasting - you can store them away after each session so you've always got them on hand to pull out!

How do you practice spelling and CVC words in your classroom?


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