Tuesday, June 25, 2024

FREE MISC. LESSON - “DBT Chain Analysis Worksheet for Neurodivergent Teens”

by Whimsy in School Counseling
6th - 12th Grade

"But I don't know WHY I set the class snake on him, Ms. Whimsy!" Understanding why we do what we do is DIFFICULT...especially for teens! DBT's Chain Analysis is one method of increasing insight into the ways our vulnerabilities, thoughts, sensations, and actions influence how a situation turns out.

I created this resource because Chain Analysis as taught to fidelity hasn't been super accessible to the neurodiverse teens I've worked with. None of the more current non-fidelity methods worked quite, either. I wanted a method of teaching Chain Analysis which adhered to the fidelity model as much as possible while increasing accessibility to make it equitable. My take on Chain Analysis fuses a board game style diagram with specific adaptations to increase accessibility.

Adaptations include...

  • Changing the order of the first 2 prompts. By placing Prompting Event before Vulnerabilities we eliminate that confusing back-and-forth of traditional Chain Analysis worksheets.
  • Color coding similar squares: thoughts, feelings, and sensations are all greens. Consequences are reds. Coping skills and outcome are purples, since they're linked.
  • Additional prompting language for each step. This is the language I've found most effective in teaching Chain Analysis to neurodiverse young folk.
  • Aligning the language of the blue prompts with the language used in teaching interception, allowing an easy flow between building interception skills and teaching DBT skills.
  • The second page of this worksheet provides space to answer each prompt in a blank version of the chart, eliminating the confusing step of needing to match which box from the front would go with which set of lines on the back.

A greyscale version of this worksheet is also included.


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