Friday, May 10, 2024

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “{FREE!} Distance Learning - Practicing Using an Index - Google Slides”

by So Blessed to Be a Teacher
2nd - 3rd Grade

This resource is a Google Slides file that can be used with Google Classroom to provide students with a chance to practice using an index. It is quick review activity for students who have learned about using text features, and it can be used by teachers and school librarians for distance learning.

Each slide displays an index and a question about where a student could find a certain topic in the text based on the information given in the index. Students are given four choices of page numbers on each slide, and after looking at the index, they can choose the correct answer and drag that page number into a box. The last slide includes text boxes for the students to write and answer their own question using the index. When the students are done, they can turn their copy in to you through Google Classroom so that you can assess their work.

I also included a .pdf file with more directions, as well as answers.

When you download this product, you will see that a folder is copied directly into your Google Drive account. From there, you can read the .pdf file for information and directions, and you are welcome to share the Google Slides file with your students through Google Classroom.

I hope that this freebie is helpful for teachers who are brand new to distance learning and are trying to find activities to keep their students working at home during the coronavirus school closures!

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