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by Brenda Tejeda
Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

FREE sample of my sight word practice pages. Click below for the sets:

Sight Word Practice Pages: Fry Words 1-50

Sight Word Practice Pages: Bundle, Fry Words 1-100

Have your students learn sight words in context with these fun sight word sheets!

Covers SO MANY essential skills!

*Tactile learning- Students finger-trace the word

*Picture-supported sentence- helps to focus on target word PLUS enables independent use!

*Fluency- Students color in a star each time they read

*Visual learning- Boxes help students with letter structure

*Discrimination- Students find the correctly spelled words

*Comprehension- Students must understand sentence in order to draw it, so this ensures they know the word they are working on!

*Fine Motor Skills- Cut and paste to build the sight word

*Handwriting- Supports spelling


-Starting dots help with letter orientation

-Familiar activities will enable students to complete entire sheet independently after doing one or two with you.

-Goes perfectly with my picture-supported sight word sentence cards and flashcards, as well as my foldable activity books.

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Sight Word Materials!

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Have an awesome year!

Brenda Tejeda- Tejeda's Tots

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