Monday, September 11, 2023

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Free Halloween Roll a Witch Drawing Activity”

by CreativeCOTA LLC
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Are your students struggling in the classroom? Are they having difficulty drawing recognizable pictures in their writing journals? Difficulty processing visual information and poor visual-motor coordination skills can lead to problems with reading, spelling, handwriting, drawing, math, and comprehension.  Use these fun roll and draw a Halloween witch, visual perception activities to help your students improve their drawing and planning skills.  Visual perception is the skill needed for a child to make sense of what they see.  Help their brains interpret the information they are taking in all day long with these activities.

Use this is a Roll a Witch, Halloween activity to promote visual perception and executive function planning skills. Helping your students brains make sense of the visual information they are taking in can lead to improved reading fluency and handwriting skills. Great for classroom activities, classroom Halloween party games, small group special education and occupational therapy. Students roll a die to complete the parts of a picture. Color by number page also included. Use for a writing center by adding a writing component. Have your students write a sentence about their picture, or a story about their witch.

Fine motor/visual perceptual activity for children. Print template and laminate. Have children roll a die to see which part of the drawing they will get to add first. Play until one or all children finish their drawings. Drawings must be completed in the order rolled. Students may need to plan out where the hat will go on the page before they have drawn the head.

Updated September 2019 with new clip art and fonts. Color by number page added.

Several ways to play if they roll the same number... 1. they can roll again (I often say only one extra roll) so others don't have to wait too long, 2. they don't add to the drawing this turn and the next student goes, 3. add details to the part they already rolled. 4. some kids like the idea of making their pictures silly and will add extra arms, head, hat... At the end of the allotted time I always let everyone finish their drawing even if they did not roll one of the numbers.

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