Monday, September 5, 2022

FREE MATH LESSON - “Cones 3D Shapes Solid Figures”

by The Primary Techie
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

These videos offer a quick, no-prep review that your students are going to love! Each student needs a whiteboard, marker, and eraser.

This video is a part of the 3D Shapes Bundle and covers just about everything about cones! Students will decide if it can roll, slide, or stack, tell how many sides, vertices, and faces it has, draw it (directed drawing), look for it in the classroom, and count and tally real world examples.

Kids LOVE 7 Minute Whiteboard Videos because they are engaging and bring lessons to life. Teachers LOVE 7 Minute Whiteboard Videos because they are no prep and keep the whole class focused and occupied. These are terrific for transitions or as a warm-up for lessons, but they also work to keep the class busy while teachers work with small groups, grade papers, write an email, and do the countless other jobs that need to be done throughout the day.

Due to the large file size of videos, this download is a pdf file with a link the the videos on Google Drive.

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