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FREE MATH LESSON - “August 2022 Digital Morning Meeting - Distance Learning”

by The Digital Workshop
Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Transform your calendar time or morning meeting with this virtual calendar routine. This resource works great for distance learning or inside of the classroom. This resource allows every student to do calendar routines at the same time using their own device – a great option for distance learning.  You can also display these routines to the entire class and do the activities together in the classroom. This is a traditional calendar routine using Google Slides for use in Google Classroom as well as Seesaw and PowerPoint. Each month is preloaded into Seesaw and Google Slides to make this resource easy to use. 

This resource features:

•Each month is complete with 14 interactive and versatile slides. Have students complete all activities each month or just some of the activities. Many slides have multiple activities that the students can complete.

•2 different calendar options (with numbers and without)

•2 different weather graphing options (vertical and horizontal)

•Each month is complete with a new color scheme, dated calendar, new set of questions of the day, new animals to dress, and a new mix of clothes.

•While working throughout the month, have students save their daily work as a draft so they can come back to it each day

This Resource Includes

•PDF file with links to both the preloaded Seesaw activity as well as the preloaded Google Slides file.

•A PowerPoint version for use through additional programs.

•Image files for question of the day to making customization easy.

Activities Included

•Calendar Option 1 – Move the circle to the correct date in Google Slides and PowerPoint. In Seesaw, erase the next square to show the new date.

•Calendar Option 2 – Drag and drop numbered items to show the date. Two different items each month makes for a perfect time to practice patterns.

•Days of the Week/Months– Drag and drop days of the week and the months of the year to show yesterday/today/tomorrow and last month/this month/next month. Days of the week and months are lined up in order to practice reciting them in order. Students type the current day at the top of the page.

•Weather/Season/ Animal Dress Up – Drag and drop features to choose the weather, season, and how it feels outside (hot or cold). Drag and drop to dress an animal friend for the current weather each month.

•Weather Graphing Option 1 – Horizontal graph. Drag and drop weather icons to show a pictograph, blocks to show a bar graph, or add your own tally marks using draw tools.

•Weather Graphing Option 2 – Vertical graph. Drag and drop weather icons to show a pictograph, blocks to show a bar graph, or add your own tally marks using draw tools.

•Days in School Option 1 – Drag and drop a popsicle stick to the place value chart. When a group of 10 has been created, change it in for a bundle. Type the digit and the number word for the number of popsicle sticks. Type 1 more/1 less/10 more/10 less.

•Days in School Option 2 – Drag and drop an item to the 10 frame to track the number of days in school. Each month includes two different items as well as plain circles which can all be used to practice patterns. After students add an item to the ten frames, they will count the number and type the digit.

•Shape of the Day – Drag and drop shapes. Type the shape name as well as the number of sides and vertices. Students can choose the shape they want to work with each day or respond to a shape assigned by the teacher.

•Number of the Day Option 1 – Highlight the number of the day on 120 chart. Find 1 more/1 less/10 more/10 less. Number of the day can be the day of the month, how many days in school, or other number assigned by teacher.

•Number of the Day Option 2 – Create the number of the day by drawing tallies, drag and drop 10 frames, and drag and drop base 10 blocks. Type the digit, number word, and a number sentence to match the number of the day. Number of the day can be the day of the month, how many days in school, or other number assigned by teacher.

•Time of the Day – Use the draw tool to create the hands on the analog clock. Type the time on the digital clock. Type the time using words. This can be the time when students are completing the assignment, or it can be a time assigned by the teacher.

•Money – Drag and drop money into the piggy bank. Type the amount of money in the piggy bank. Students can add a penny each day or add an amount assigned by the teacher.

•Question of the Day – Students respond to the question of the day using voice, draw, or type tools. They can also respond by drawing/writing on a piece of paper or journal and uploading a picture of their response. Change out the question of the day by uploading the teacher selected prompt to the opinion page in the activity.

This is a resource that I will update yearly for the current calendar year. Buy it once and never have to worry about buying it again. Just redownload it each year for no additional charge.

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