Monday, April 18, 2022

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Present Perfect using for/since in a Linguistic Investigation”

by Rike Neville
10th - 12th Grade

Allowing students to discover grammar rules by working together in cooperative learning groups both decreases teacher talk and instills deductive reasoning skills. When students can articulate rules in their own words, they own them and will be more like to both remember them and use them correctly.

In this linguistic investigation, students will work together to discover the rules for using "for" and "since" in the present perfect.

Students don't often have many chances to speak in grammar classes other than to ask questions, so linguistic activities are a great way to get them talking! They'll reason with each other, agree and disagree, and theorize. Linguistic investigations teach students how to solve their own grammar mysteries!

This activity was designed for intermediate-level adult ESL students. It includes a handout/worksheet for students to practice choosing "for" or "since" and writing their own present perfect sentences using for and since.

Want this as task cards instead? Or Boom cards?

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