Monday, March 8, 2021

FREE MATH LESSON - “FREE Rabbit Racers: Race to 100 game”

by Down Under Teacher
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

This is the same as my Sprint to 100 freebie game, but with an Easter theme. It comes with 4 game boards with different graphics in a rabbit racing theme.

This is a game I play with my class when they are ready to move from using cubes and bundling sticks to getting used to base-10 materials.

Students roll a die (0-9 works well, but a 6-sided die in fine OR shuffle and turn over the number cards from a deck of cards). Students add that many ones to their board in the ones place. They continue to take turns and adding one's until they can change 10 ones for 1 ten and finally 10 tens for 1 hundred.

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