Monday, September 28, 2020

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Properties of Waves Worksheets, DIFFERENTIATED, Distance Learning”

by The Teachers Upstairs
4th - 6th Grade

Teach your students all about the basic properties of waves with these easy to follow differentiated worksheets and slide show. 

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Each slide is embedded with audio. The Literacy Read brings in real-world examples of the phenomena. This is great as a CLOSE reading text as it also comes with manipulatives to highlight, underline and annotations to help bring the text alive to students. Included are 3 different worksheets geared toward struggling, mid, and high learners. We all know that differentiation is king but finding the time to differentiate to all your students at the same time is beyond challenging. This product takes all that headache work out of differentiation while giving you time to do what you do best: build relationships with your students. Parents, administration and most importantly your students will all be singing your praises!

This is part of a Properties of Waves Complete 5E Digital Only or Blended Interactive Notebook Lesson.

Included in this resource

  • Teacher instruction page including background knowledge of science concept
  • student led slideshow of instruction
  • Audio on each slide
  • Reading text introducing real world scenarios with annotation guide
  • 3 differentiated worksheets for struggling, medium and high learners

Resources you may also love that are aligned to the NGSS standards ❤️

  • Properties of Waves Worksheets, DIGITAL, Distance Learning -- perfect for the distance learning student. Comes embedded with audio clips of the material on each slide, virtual lab simulations, reflection prompts throughout the lesson, a formative, google forms quiz and  an extension activity or an intervention review to make differentiation a snap.
  • Properties of Waves Worksheets, digital AND print, Distance Learning  -- the best of both worlds.  This resource has everything the digital interactive notebook has,  plus it includes printable interactive notebook pages and in-class lab stations.  This is for the teacher who needs BOTH distant learning resources AND in-class resources.
  • LAB STATIONS and worksheets with answer key

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